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uncontested divorce in Oklahoma City

Divorce is often difficult for everyone involved. However, some couples mutually agree to a divorce.  It happens more than you might think, especially here in Oklahoma where we have a higher divorces rate than other areas of the country. While you know what you and your current spouse want when it comes to parting ways, an uncontested divorce attorney in Oklahoma City knows what local family law courts require.

The reason some couples choose to do an agreed divorce, or uncontested divorce, is because they want it done quickly, quietly and to get on with their lives. An agreed divorce with no children sometimes can be cleared through the courts we deal with in Oklahoma City in as little as 10 days but could stretch upwards of 90 days or more, according to the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Too Good To Be True?

With a few key strokes you can find an easy do-it-yourself divorce kit that promises a for a low fee, they’ll provide the forms, while you simply print the documents and then you can be divorced. There are are a lot of small details these do-it-yourself kits could miss with the intricate details of Oklahoma family law.

If you struggle with the do-it-yourself kit, you’re left to look through Oklahoma Divorce Statutes on your own for help. We often see couples contact us at our Oklahoma City law office that have tried those kits but are out the money, confused by problems they weren’t expecting that all of a sudden have popped up.

What we Bring to the Table

An Oklahoma agreed divorce attorney from Divorce Law Office of Oklahoma City can provide effective legal advise to couples considering an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma City. Our firm can draft a divorce decree based upon what you and your spouse have already agreed to, but make sure that it’s legally sound and will meet the requirements necessary for the court.

That’s something most of the online “divorce in a kit” sites can not give you. We’re here to think about what you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse forgot when you drew up a rough draft for the divorce. We can help protect your assets left from the marriage so that both parties walk away satisfied from the agreed upon uncontested divorce.

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