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Oklahoma City child custody attorneyYour child is the pride and joy in your life. As you consider a divorce there are so many thoughts running through your mind. That’s why we’re here to help you focus on what matters most. Worrying if you’ll ever see your child again is not something you should think about if you have the guidance of a trusted Oklahoma City child custody attorney.

Oklahoma City area divorce courts look to find a child custody arraignment that is in the best interest of the child. That does not mean the judge only listens to one parent, there are many factors that the judge weights including the child’s physical and emotional interests when determining where the child will spend their time day-in and day-out.

Who does the court listen to?

As an Oklahoma City law firm that specializes in child custody arraignments we know who the court listens to when it comes to making that determination. We know who to bring to the courtroom to convince the judge you deserve an active role in the child’s life. The judge reviews documents, reports, and other information that pertain to the case. The court interviews parents, heath care providers, caregivers along with others who have knowledge about your child but not limited to, teachers, counselors and child care providers.

What happens to the kids?

That’s the number one question our divorce attorneys hear when a parent contacts our Oklahoma City office for assistance, what happens to the children? For the most part, the court issues joint custody but in rare cases sole custody in awarded to one parent. In court, we will help you try and gain whatever role you would like in their lives. Child custody in Oklahoma involves more matters than just were the child live with during the week and on the weekends, but it also decides holidays, vacations and the role grandparents play in the equations.

Divorces are an emotional legal proceeding that push parents emotional buttons. It’s in the best interest of your children that you need an Oklahoma City child custody attorney that can work around the emotion to protect your rights in your child’s life. Many couples think they can work out the custody arraignments themselves but a court still has to review the arraignment. It’s in your and the child’s best interest to have experience custody lawyers here in Oklahoma City on your team.

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