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family law oklahoma cityWhen it comes to making a decision that will not only effect you but the ones you love or used to love, it’s important that you are provided with thoughtful, accurate and at times aggressive family law support through the entire legal process. That’s why you need a trusted attorney from the Divorce Law Office of Oklahoma City on your side.

If you’re in a dangerous situation then you need to do what can to get out of that situation, including calling law enforcement to protect you and your children.

If your here looking for family law resources to help you prepare for divorce, we’ve assembled a few important site for you investigate on your own. But remember, even agreed divorces can led to unforeseen problems down the road. We encourage you to look around these sites to help you see what’s ahead, when you’re done we’re here to help you protect what matters most in your life.

Oklahoma Family Law Statutes: The State of Oklahoma statutes that address divorce can be found in section 43, includes the 12 grounds the court looks at when it comes to granting a divorce.

Oklahoma Court Case Search: This search engine allows you to track cases around most of the state on the Oklahoma State Courts Network. If you have a case pending and need assistance, don’t delay and contact an attorney at Divorce Law Office of Oklahoma City.

Esquire Empire:  Esquire Empire provides an accurate, timely and informative guide to understanding family law in Oklahoma City.

Child Support 101: Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS) site helps ensure that both parents are providing the financial support their children need.

Resources for Domestic Violence: The YMCA of Oklahoma City provides resources for women in domestic violence situations.

Unmarried Father’s Rights: The U.S. Department of Health and Human services looks the rights of unmarried fathers in their child’s life in every state. If this describes you, contact one of our attorneys to find out more about how you can play a role in your child’s life and find out more about all of  your legal rights.

Is Divorce the Answer for You?: The Oklahoma Bar Association’s brochure with advice on how to prepare children for divorce.

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